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Joe Congdon is Principle of Congdon Plastics Consulting

Joseph Congdon, recently the Director of Global Polypropylene at Townsend Solutions is now the leading principle at Congdon Plastics Consulting .
A network of experienced subject matter experts CPC taps into a huge polyethylene and polypropylene technical and market knowledge base like no other company. The CPC focus is on smaller processers who need experienced industry veterans rather than inexperienced analysts and report readers.
CongdonPlasticsConsulting.com is here to help solve technical problems.
  • Find pages of polyethylene and polypropylene troubleshooting and technical processing guides. We can help you solve processing problems today.
  • For more difficult or personal technical problems, a CPC expert will call you for a free initial phone consult. We provide a quick estimate of how long it should take to answer your question or diagnose your processing problem and get you back operational.
  • Take the CPC $100K challenge We can save you $100K/year by optimizing your polyethylene and polypropylene pellet converting process!
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Polyethylene and polypropylene converters will have to compete hard for slower growing markets. The swiftest, best informed and most efficient will prosper.
How can you get reliable unbiased detailed polyethylene and polypropylene market intelligence?
  1. What effect global recovery and inventory restocking will have on NAFTA markets.
  2. Is it really a recovery in NAFTA or a dead cat bounce?
  3. How will shale gas impact the propylene ethylene price difference?
  4. What will this mean to the exports of polyethylene and polypropylene from NAFTA.
  5. What is driving growth in injection molded packaging, industrial, consumer and automotive parts, TPO roofing membranes, compounds and cost saving polyethylene and polypropylene grades.
    -- When can you plan on the impending competition from low cost polyethylene and polypropylene from the Middle East?
    -- The recession has eliminated the weak. With the huge capacity in production in both China and the Middle East the North American market will be permanently changed. Expect more imports of films, fabrics and finished goods as well as bulk polyethylene and polypropylene pellet imports.
    -- The USA is still a huge market and will continue to grow but at much slower rates than in developing countries. It�s great value in improving the quality of life from basic food packaging to high tech future automobiles will assure many future years of growth.
    -- What will continue to change is the manufacturing location for the high volume pellets in the Middle East and finished goods from Asia.
  6. NAFTA is a shrinking world of polyethylene and polypropylene grades, producers and converters. To compete will require continued growth with investment in new and optimization of existing operations.
CPC can help find new products and producers that can improve your product quality, plant productivity and lower costs. CPC can find new customers to buy your plastics machinery or products.
Email us at -- info@congdonplasticsconsulting.com